The Founding Declaration of the ICR has been updated and the ICR continues its action

Nov 1, 2023

The representatives of the theoretical journals "Communist Review" (CP of Greece), "El Comunista" (CP of Mexico), "Nuestra Política" (CP of the Workers of Spain), "Gelenek" (CP of Turkey), "Marxism i Sovremennost" (Union of Communists of Ukraine) and "Debate Abierto" (CP of Venezuela) have proceeded to the update of the Founding Declaration of the ICR.

The updated Founding Declaration includes, among other things, the following as regards the ideological and political direction of the ICR:

Updated Founding Declaration of the International Communist Review (excerpts)

The review should express a specific, clear-cut, ideological-political position, defending the principles of Marxism-Leninism, the need for a socialist revolution and the construction of the communist society. The framework of this review embraces the following principles:

  1. Working with a strict reference to Marxism-Leninism and proletarian internationalism.
  2. Accepting the leading role of the working class in the revolutionary process.
  3. Defending the Leninist party principles.
  4. Struggling against the international and regional imperialist institutions, i.e. NATO, the EU, the IMF etc., as well as imperialist wars, such as the one that broke out in Ukraine in 2022 between the USA-NATO-EU and capitalist Russia for the control of the markets, raw materials, and transport networks of the country. We refuse to support any side in this and similar conflicts and wars, without in any way diminishing our determination to struggle against US imperialism and NATO. Our Parties consider that imperialism cannot be reduced to the practice of an aggressive foreign policy, that it is the most reactionary and final stage of capitalism in which monopolies prevail.
  5. Approaching in a friendly manner, without excluding criticism, the historical experiences of the international communist movement, starting from Paris Commune followed by the October Revolution, the Third International and the socialist experience in the USSR and in other countries. We stress that socialism is governed by principles and scientific laws, i.e. workers’ power, the socialization of the means of production, and central scientific planning. The Communist Party, under the particular conditions each time, assumes the responsibility to educate and equip the working class to tackle difficulties, delays or temporary setbacks in the construction of the new society, taking the necessary measures to consolidate and expand the socialist relations of production. Based on this, positions such as that a market socialism can be built by maintaining capitalist enterprises and mechanisms, by maintaining wage labour by owners of means of production and land, by treating labour power as a commodity and by capital’s exploitation of wage labour are rejected. 
  6. Struggling for socialism as the only alternative against capitalism, in a revolutionary way.
  7. Rejecting participation in bourgeois governments as well as entering into cooperation and alliances with bourgeois parties. We defend the political and ideological independence of the working class.
  8. Fighting against the tendencies inside the working class movement such as social democracy, any kind of opportunism, reformism, nationalism, cosmopolitanism and liberalism.
  9. Struggling against fascism and its causes, against racism and xenophobia, by the side of refugees and immigrants that are uprooted by imperialist wars and the poverty caused by the capitalist system. We reject the false “anti-fascism” and the various “anti-fascist fronts” used by bourgeois and opportunist political forces to entrap workers’–people’s forces into bourgeois management, detaching fascism from the capitalist system that gives rise to it and uses it when needed.