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  • It concerns the protection of your personal data, in accordance with the legislation (EU General Data Protection Regulation - GDPR).
  • It is an integral part of the terms of use of Use of the Website indicates your acceptance of all terms of use, including specifically the privacy policy.


Personal Data Protection Policy

What is Personal Data? How is internet use related to them?

Personal data is information about a person, whether that person is identified or identifiable. Personal data are also the different information, which collected together can lead to the identification of a specific individual, regardless of whether each piece of information, taken separately, would not lead to identification on its own.

Examples of personal data are: first and last name, home address, e-mail address, ID number, etc. Personal data are also: Internet protocol address (IP address), web browser ID (e.g., in the form of “cookies”), etc., which are processed while browsing the internet.

Of course, the Internet protocol address, like cookies, is not capable of identifying a person on its own. The IP address in most cases is not fixed for every internet user, it is not strictly "personal".


Browsing on

Simple browsing on does NOT lead to the collection of any personal information, it is NOT linked to data processing that requires verification of user/visitor identity.

The data related to navigating the site is the minimum required for its operation. For example, there is some data (such as some cookies, see below) without which (like all websites) would not be able to operate, providing users with its services, as it has done until now. fully respects the right of every user/visitor to the protection of his personal data, and the existing legal framework (General Data Protection Regulation).

We take all necessary measures (technical, organizational, etc.) for your security (e.g., IP anonymization, security updates, encrypted pages, etc.).

In no way do we disclose, promote, transmit, publish, sell, or exchange with any third party the minimum data from the visits required for the operation of our website.

With this Privacy Policy, we strive to inform all our users/visitors in accordance with the provisions of the GDPR.


More in depth on the cookies policy and other details

1) Cookies Policy

What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files, which are transferred via the internet from the website to each user/visitor’s device and are stored on it. In the first place, cookies are not aware of any document or file on your computer, they cannot be used to transmit viruses and they do not run programs. Cookies are assigned exclusively to you and can only be read by the web server domain that issued the cookies to you.

What cookies does use?

There are different categories of cookies. uses the minimum necessary for the best and safest navigation on the website.

We do NOT use advertising and other online services that "record" user preferences through cookies.




a) the strictly necessary (session) cookies

These are basic functional cookies, which make possible the operation of the website, its interaction with the user. These cookies are deleted after your visit to the website.

Consider that when you browse the internet, a "communication" develops between your browser (web browser) and the respective server (server). For example, if you visit our website and want to search the search engine for any content, a "conversation" begins between and you. Without some cookies, it would be impossible for the website to "recognize" which user the search result should "respond" to.

b) functionality cookies

These are cookies, based on which some "preferences" of the user/visitor are "memorized" to make their browsing easier.

The only such cookie used by is a "consent" cookie, i.e., one that allows the website, when the user accepts its terms of use and privacy policy, not to constantly display the consent pop-up when entering the website.

c) analytics cookies

In order to track visitor use of our site and form conclusions regarding the upgrade of its content, cookies are needed that allow us to collect statistics (again without the possibility of identifying persons) on how many users visit the site during a period of time, which pages they choose most often, etc.

Our website does NOT use targeted advertising cookies, which collect information about your actions on the website for the purposes of advertising, promoting material via the internet, etc.

How can I delete cookies from my device?

If a user wants to see and delete cookies from his computer or other device, he can do so at any time, through his browser settings. This may affect the functionality of his browsing. For your convenience, we refer you to the respective websites depending on the browser you use:

Internet explorer





For more information regarding cookies, you can visit the following website.

2) Log Data: The files that ensure the secure operation of the website

These are temporary files that need to be collected for technical reasons as well as for network and information security, so that we can essentially:

  • "resist" accidental events or illegal or malicious actions on the network, which could endanger the operation of the site, the integrity of its data, the protection of your personal data.
  • respond to legal obligations, such as any requests of the competent state authorities, of course in accordance with the process provided for by the law.

These data are deleted after four (4) weeks, without the possibility of recovery.


a) While you are browsing

For reasons such as those mentioned (network security, etc.), we have a legal obligation to collect during your browsing: the IP and information about your visit to our site (such as the page you requested, any searches on the site).

These data are kept for a period of four (4) weeks, and then deleted, without the possibility of retrieval.


b) Services via e-mail

By e-mail services are meant your communication with by e-mail through the relevant contact form that you find on the website, as well as when you forward a page of by e-mail (by selecting the relevant icon that appears top right in a topic/post).

In this case, your IP and the transmission details (such as your e-mail, the recipient's e-mail) are collected and are kept for security reasons, as well as for our compliance with legal and regulatory requirements, for a period of 4 weeks, after which they are deleted.


It should be noted that, in the event of your communication via e-mail with, your data are only accessible to strictly defined persons who receive and/or respond to your messages with the purpose of cooperating with you, the recording of your comments-suggestions, etc. Your data is not subject to any further processing. Moreover, the e-mails are periodically deleted from the account of


3) Data for statistics (analytics)

In order to evaluate the use of the site by visitors and to draw conclusions in order to upgrade site content, websites collect and process certain data.

For this purpose, we utilize via Google Analytics the minimum necessary data, which again, within a period of 14 months are permanently deleted.

We do not share this data in any way, we do not utilize it further, we do not follow a policy of passing it on for advertising purposes and so on.


LEARN MORE has specified collection of the minimum required data to monitor user activity of the site in statistical terms, such as the browser, the preferred pages etc.

None of this data is "shared" or utilized. It is not passed on for advertising purposes, which is why we do not collect information such as gender, age.

We take all necessary measures to ensure the protection of your data. We take the step of collecting your IP only anonymously and then delete it and all the data within 14 months.

We fully respect the Do Not Track Me setting once you have enabled it in your browser. Read about this setting at but be aware that not all sites currently comply with it.

For all the above data, we take the necessary technical and organizational measures (e.g., IP anonymization, security updates, encrypted pages, etc.).


Especially for minors

The content and services of that are controlled by the website and for which is responsible according to the Terms of Use and the Privacy Policy, do NOT contain material that could be considered offensive or in any way unsuitable for underage internet users. On this basis, does not collect data from its users/visitors to verify their age. Besides, as it results from all the above mentioned in this Privacy Policy, browsing is NOT connected with the collection and processing of personal data and data that would allow the verification of the identity of the users/visitors.

Of course, the use of the website means the acceptance of its Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. This consent, which concerns access to information society services in accordance with the GDPR for children under 16 years of age is provided or approved by the persons who have parental responsibility.


Rights provided by law

  • The right to transparent information on how your personal data is used (Articles 12, 13, 14 GPDR).
  • The right of access to your personal data that has been collected (Article 15 GPDR)
  • The right to rectify inaccurate personal information about you (Article 16 GPDR)
  • The right to erase information ("the right to be forgotten") (Article 17 GPDR)
  • The right to restrict the processing of your personal data (Article 18 GPDR)
  • The right to the portability of your data, i.e., to have your data sent either to you or to another service provider (Article 20 GPDR)
  • The right to object to the processing of your personal data (Article 21 GPDR)
  • The right to revoke your previously given consent, i.e., to withdraw your consent at any time for processing that was based on consent. (Article 7 GPDR)
  • The right to make a complaint to the competent supervisory authority, in Greece, the Hellenic Data Protection Authority (Kifissias 1-3, PC 115 23, Athens, Greece, +30 210 6475600, )


Scope & Extent of our Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy strictly covers and covers only the visit and use of the services and pages that are subject to the control and/or ownership of and the site administrator. In any other case, where a website or service is controlled and/or owned by a third-party, natural, or legal person, entity, or body, then the latter is solely responsible for protecting the data and rights of users/visitors, for the terms of use and the privacy policy that applies, as well as for the legal informing of the subject-users of the above.

For example, is not responsible for those cases where part of the content of the website is "provided" by an external provider, as well as for those cases where the website includes links that provide or refer to content/pages controlled by third parties.

The privacy policy of the website, such as all the terms of use governing its visit/use, may be updated/amended from time to time within the existing legal framework.



You can contact us for any question or other issue by e-mail:


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