PRESS RELEASE - Teleconferences of the Editorial Board of the International Communist Review

Dec 25, 2020

On 19/11/20 and 10/12/20, the teleconferences of the Editorial Board of the International Communist Review (ICR) took place, during which the articles of the 11th Issue of the ICR were discussed. Thus, in the difficult and unprecedented for all of us conditions of the pandemic, the ICR, although forced to adjust some of its procedures, did not stop its action and was able to prepare this next issue.

We worked on this issue in a year when the new synchronized global capitalist crisis manifested itself, signs of which, such as the slowdown in the economies of large capitalist countries, could be seen earlier, with the pandemic acting as a catalyst. In conditions of crisis, we can see a sharpening of intra-imperialist competition, as well as an upsurge of social problems for the working class and the other popular strata caused by the capitalist mode of production. In our days, monopoly and state competition over vaccines and medicines against the pandemic, as well as the tragic shortages and the collapse of commodified public health systems, even in the most advanced and powerful capitalist countries, have stressed the timeliness of socialism even more clearly. Even some bourgeois analysts and politicians or representatives of opportunism refer to the notion of socialism. But is it truly socialism? In fact, they distort its essence and present a caricature of socialism. In the very ranks of the international communist movement there are strong forces, such as those coming from eurocommunism or the so-called "socialism of the 21st century", which, invoking "national particularities", deny the existence of scientific laws in the struggle to overthrow capitalism and construct socialism.

The parties cooperating in the framework of the ICR consider that the struggle for socialism is governed by scientific laws, which were described by Marx, Engels and Lenin in their works and are confirmed by both the positive and the negative experience of the construction of socialism in the 20th century.

For this reason, in 2020, commemorating the 150 years since the birth of Lenin, the 200th anniversary of Engels' birth as well as the 140th anniversary of his pamphlet “The Evolution of Socialism from Utopia to Science”, the ICR decided to dedicate this issue to the scientific laws of socialist revolution and construction.

The teleconferences were attended by representatives of the theoretical and political reviews of the Communist Party of Greece, the Hungarian Workers' Party, the Socialist Movement of Kazakhstan, the Socialist Party of Latvia, the Communist Party of Mexico, the Russian Communist Workers' Party, the Communist Party of the Workers of Spain, the Communist Party of Turkey, the Union of Communists of Ukraine, and the Communist Party of Venezuela.

On the occasion of the teleconferences, the ICR parties expressed their warm thanks to the doctors, nurses, and the staff of the hospitals and health units who gave and are still giving the fight against the pandemic, facing great difficulties. They also expressed their solidarity to those affected by the pandemic of COVID-19, wishing them a speedy recovery.