Press Release  

  • 10/9/14 6:00 PM

On October 1st 2014, in Brussels, the “International Communist  Review” Editorial Board Meeting took place.

To such meeting assisted the delegates of the reviews «Etudes Marxistes» (of the Workers’ Party of Belgium), «Szabadsag» (of the Hungarian Workers’ Party), “Kommounistiki Epitheorisi”  (of the Communist Party of Greece), «Propuesta Comunista» (of the Communist Party of the Peoples of Spain), «El Comunista» (of the Communist Party of Mexico), “Sovietsky Soyuz” СоветскийСоюз»] (of the Communist Workers’ Party of Russia), «Gelenek» (of the Communist Party, Turkey).

During the meeting, there were discussed and decided measures for the reinforcement of the ICR, and practical issues regarding the 5th and 6th issue of the ICR were resolved.

On the occasion of the meeting, the Editorial Board of the ICR  saluted the 150-year anniversary of the foundation of the 1st International.

The 4th Issue of "Kommounistiki Epitheorisi" (Communist Review) of 2014, the theoretical and political journal of the CC of the Communist Party of Greece has been published. The issue contains the following articles:

  • 8/28/14 4:47 PM

Bourgeois Political System

Eleni Mpellou: The reformation of the bourgeois political system on the background of the election results. The tasks of the CP.

Aleka Papariga: The historical experience and the contemporary developments in the bourgeois political system.

Fanis Parris: On the developments in the space of social-democracy in Greece.

Makis Makris-Christos Mpalomenos: ANTARSYA in the course of the reformation of the bourgeois political system.



 Anastassis Gikas: 100 years after the outbreak of the 1st Global Imperialist War. Lessons for the working class and its movement.


Party Documents 

Decision of the CC of the KKE: Basic assessments and conclusions from the EU parliamentary, municipal and regional elections on the 18th and 25th of May 2014.