The 6th issue of the International Communist Review is now available in print form

  • 11/20/15 11:37 AM






The imperialist unions, the inter-imperialist contradictions and the stance of the communists

Makis Papadopoulos

Kommounistiki Epitheorisi (KKE)


In the 30th anniversary of the signing of the Act of Accession of Spain to the European Economic Community: a class-oriented assessment

Propuesta Comunista (PCPE)


34 Lenin’s approach to the analysis of imperialistic alliances and to the use of contradictions between imperialists for developing revolutionary strategy under the conditions of modern Russia

RCWP Central Committee

Sovetski Sojuz (RCWP)


NATO as a regulator of imperialism

Ali Somel

Gelenek (CP, Turkey)


Class character of interstate unions in America

Pavel Blanco Cabrera, Angel Chavez Mancilla

El Comunista (CP Mexico)


From the Comecon to the European Union: Hungarian experience

Szabadsag (Hungarian WP)


The European Union of inequality: Latvia in the arms of transnational capital

Fridijs Bokiss

Socialist Latvii (SP  Latvia)


Article of collaborator


NATO and the EU: Inter-state imperialist alliances, inter-imperialist rivalry, expansionism, the threat to peace and the dangers of aggression and war

Gerry Grainger

ThinkLeft (WP Ireland)