Issue 3


1. Juli 2014 11:42

“To expressly highlight the vanguard role of the working class in the revolutionary process, in conditions when a series of forces dispute the Marxist-Leninist criteria of belonging to the ...

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Proletarian internationalism is a necessary condition for the fight with the bourgeoisie

1. Juli 2014 11:56

Nationalism, as defined structured ideology emerged in the nineteenth century and, along with liberal theories of the period, for a long time developed a certain bond with them as a factor ...

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The end of the working class?

1. Juli 2014 11:44

Peter Mertens

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The Communist Party and the Venezuelan working class in the dilemma of the Bolivarian Revolution

1. Juli 2014 12:16

The current systemic crisis of capitalism coincides with the development of progressive and revolutionary processes, fundamentally anti-imperialist and anti-oligarchic ones, particularly in Latin ...

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