Issue 2

Editorial of the International Communist review

1. Juli 2014 12:19

The second issue of the International Communist Review is published in a particularly crucial period of a deep capitalist economic crisis, in a period when the bourgeois attack on people’s rights ...

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From "Eurocommunism" to present Opportunism

1. Juli 2014 12:37

By Raúl Martínez Turrero*

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Luxembourg and the October Revolution

1. Juli 2014 12:27

By Ali Ruckert *

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The 1956 conter-revolution in Hungary and the present-day-anti-Communist Propaganda

1. Juli 2014 12:23

In the years of 1989-90 a bourgeois counter-revolution took place in Hungary. Opportunist and revisionist forces inside the leadership of the former Hungarian Socialist Workers’ Party (HSWP) made ...

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